Huntsville, Alabama



  • Video shows North Carolina police officers trying to catch injured squirrel; hilarity ensues
    HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. - Hillsborough police officers had some "serious police business" to attend to, the department said in a video posted to the HPD Facebook page Tuesday. Officers took to the Hampton Pointe Shopping Center in response to an unusual call: an injured squirrel. "They responded quickly and worked proficiently as they... Read more »
  • Texas mom chases down teen son who took her new BMW, spanks him with belt
    EL PASO, Texas – A Texas 14-year-old stole his mom’s brand new BMW and his sister filmed the whole thing, according to KTRK. Liza Campero filmed her brother’s antics in a series of now viral tweets as her furious mother intercepted the boy and spanked him with a belt near oncoming... Read more »
  • Guntersville city, school system leaders talk about potential joint effort to find solutions to needs in the city schools system
    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — The Guntersville City Council, the mayor, the superintendent of The Schools of Guntersville, and school leaders met Wednesday afternoon in what could be the start of a joint effort to find solutions to millions of dollars worth of needs in the city schools system. Guntersville High School has... Read more »
  • Golden Girl’s gets limited edition cereal
    (CNN) – A new cereal is paying tribute to a sitcom that’s an old favorite. One toy company has come up with a golden way to sell more toys. This “Golden Girls”-themed cereal is now on sale in select Target and online stores. The box depicts the iconic sitcom’s four central characters in an anime-style... Read more »
  • Shannon Gargis capital murder trial underway in Franklin County
    RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. – More than two years after the death of a Franklin County toddler, the man accused is standing trial. Shannon Dale Gargis is charged with capital murder for intentionally causing the girl’s death. Over the last three days, a jury pool of 500 people were questioned repeatedly by prosecutors and... Read more »

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