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  • Special counsel obtains thousands of Trump transition emails
    WASHINGTON — Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian contacts with President Donald Trump’s campaign has gained access to thousands of emails sent and received by Trump officials before the start of his administration, according to several people familiar with Trump’s transition organization. But the investigators did not directly request the... Read more »
  • 2 couples tie the knot in Australia’s 1st same-sex weddings
    SYDNEY — Two female couples tied the knot in Australia’s first same-sex weddings under new legislation allowing gay marriages. Jan. 9 had been expected to be the first possible date for same-sex weddings due to a four-week waiting period since the landmark law was passed. But the two couples were married... Read more »
  • Indiana AG says high hopes of First Church of Cannabis are unsupported by state law
    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill filed a legal document Friday asking the Marion Superior Court to grant a final judgment in the state’s favor in regards to a lawsuit filed by a pot-smoking church. The First Church of Cannabis filed the lawsuit against the City of Indianapolis and... Read more »
  • IN Focus: One-on-one w/Gov. Holcomb
    INDIANAPOLIS - In an interview with FOX59, Gov. Eric Holcomb said he believes CBD oil is legal to sell and possess in Indiana as long as it contains no amount of THC, a contradiction in part from Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill who said last month all CBD oil products are... Read more »
  • Man fed up with porch thieves sells booby-trapped box that sends crooks running
    TACOMA, Wash. – When it comes to catching package thieves, some homeowners use surveillance cameras. But Jaireme Barrow wants to scare them away so they never come back. So about a year ago, he invented something he calls "The Blank Box" – and he says business is booming. The package – an... Read more »

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