Indianapolis, Indiana



  • Former Indiana first lady Susan Bayh recovers from surgery for brain cancer
    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The former first lady of Indiana, Susan Bayh, underwent brain surgery to remove a malignant glioblastoma tumor. Mrs. Bayh’s family says the cancer is the same kind that Joe Biden’s son had, and the same cancer Senator John McCain currently has. She was the first lady of Indiana... Read more »
  • Charleston grocery store censors ‘summa cum laude’ from graduation cake
    Jacob Koscinski was certainly worthy of a grand graduation cake: The 18-year-old earned a 4.79 GPA in his Christian-based home-school program and is now set to head to North Carolina’s Wingate University later this year on a full scholarship. But per WCIV, when partygoers got their first glimpse Saturday of the sheet... Read more »
  • Pennsylvania dad makes sure late son’s girlfriend doesn’t miss prom
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  • Thieves strike at Castleton Dave & Buster’s, clean cash out of ATM
    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A thief or thieves cleaned out an ATM at the Castleton Dave & Buster’s. According to the incident report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, officers were dispatched after a burglary alarm went off Tuesday morning at the Dave & Buster’s located at 8350 Castleton Corner Dr. Officers arrived... Read more »
  • Columbus police arrest woman accused of disregarding bus stop arm
    COLUMBUS, Ind. – Police in Columbus arrested a woman accused of passing a school bus that had stopped to let children off. Police say an officer was traveling south in the 700 block of Jonesville Road around 2:50 p.m. when a school bus full of children stopped in front of him. The... Read more »

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