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  • NY Times: Pentagon Study of UFOs Revealed
    Beyond preparing for the next field of battle, or advancing a massive arsenal that includes nuclear weapons, the Pentagon has also researched the possible existence of UFOs. The New York Times reported Saturday on the once completely classified project that began because of the intense interest in the subject by former Sen. Harry... Read more »
  • In Sex Assault Laws, Definition of Consent Varies Widely
    For two months now, as accusations of sexual misconduct have piled up against Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced mogul has responded over and over again: “Any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied.” Consent is a concept central to law on sexual assault, and will likely be an issue in potential legal... Read more »
  • Family, Friends Come Together to Remember Man Killed in Snowboarding Accident
    ORANGEVALE -- If it's true that good friends are the measure of a good life, then David Karlin lived a very good life indeed. "David might have been 23 years old, but man, he lived his life like he's been on this planet for 90 years," said Karlin's friend Jake... Read more »

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