San Diego, California



  • African-American women pilots make history aboard Alaskan Airlines flight
    SAN FRANCISCO – Passengers aboard an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this week became part of a landmark trip for the carrier, as it was the first of its flights to be piloted by two African-American women, FOX News reported Tuesday. Captain Tara Wright took to the intercom to make the announcement... Read more »
  • Sheriff’s race pits Gore against his own deputy
    SAN DIEGO– One of San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore’s own deputies is trying to unseat the 9-year incumbent  in the June 5 primary. Sheriff William D. Gore has a long career in law enforcement. He spent 32 years with the FBI and was appointed sheriff of San Diego County in 2009. ... Read more »
  • Dozens hope to unseat Feinstein in California’s U.S. Senate race
    SAN DIEGO — Sen. Diane Feinstein will defend her status as the Senate’s oldest member when she seeks re-election and her sixth term representing California in the U.S. Senate. A field of 32 candidates are competing in the June 5 primary — in the state’s top-two system, the candidates with the first... Read more »

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